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Victorian Coastal Garden Design
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This article by Quentin Kirley of Q Gardens and Design discusses aspects of coastal garden design particularly around Melbourne Australia. Some of my favourite landscape design projects are coastal gardens I have created in Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove near Melbourne
, Australia.

Coastal gardens have their own unique challenges, being salt laden winds and poor, sandy soils, therefore, sensitive design combined with correct plant selection is crucial to create a successful coastal garden.

The plant palette can differ somewhat from the Melbourne garden
, given the coastal tolerances the plants need. A mixture of native, indigenous and exotic species cleverly combined, can create a stunning garden. As with any design, plant colour, texture and form is carefully considered. Here are a few of my favourite plants I like to use in a Victorian coastal garden design. Eucalyptus caesia
, commonly known as the 鈥楽ilver Princess鈥?grows clusters of large, red flowers which are stunning and of course, bird attracting. Acacia cognate looks very effective planted in flowing 鈥榙rifts鈥? My 3 year old daughter says 鈥淒ad it looks like hair!鈥? Shrubs such as Correas and Grevilleas provide colour and texture as well as attracting honey eaters. The indigenous cushion bush has a curious grey, waxy appearance and looks interesting when combined with tufting grasses. These plants have high ornamental qualities and are a fabulous addition to a coastal landscape.

Planting is just one consideration. With coastal garden design I like to combine a lot of natural materials, such as driftwood
, stone, gravel and recycled products. A tomato stake fence at the front of a house gives the garden an 鈥榦rganic鈥?feel.

Coastal gardens, like any, require garden care to ensure they reach their full potential. Groundcovers such as Myoporum parvifolium and Grevillea 鈥榖ronze rambler鈥?create a carpet which can help with weed suppression. The garden must be mulched and recycled timber prunings and gravel suit this landscape. A minimum of pruning once a year should be performed on shrubs. Newly planted gardens should be watered well in their first summer of establishment. Coastal landscapes can often be built and mistakenly left with the mindset that they are a 鈥榥o鈥?maintenance garden. Without the proper garden care, these landscapes could easily fail and not reach their full potential.

I love the sea and the salt air and I love the challenge of creating coastal gardens. With an understanding of the coastal environment
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